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is inherently dangerous. >> california education officials have been told they may lose more than 3.5 billion in federal funding because they got rid of the old state advertises. california is transitioning into a new testing program, the federal government says some of the steps they took violent federal law, state officials say they are working with the federal government to try to settle those differences. >> boston red sox are the 2013 world series champions and the celebrations continue this morning. >> -- this is unbelievable, everybody want to come down -- some -- >> -- fans poured out there, unfortunately there were problems, nine people were arrested for that, probably not bad considering that. that was a tweet from police with the hash tags go home and celebrate responsibly. >>> the win caps off an emotional season following the bombings there in april and after the game fans gathered there to pay their respects and acknowledge how far the city has come since then. the team wore boston strong logos on their uniforms to commemorate those affected by the attacks. >> it hasn't happened
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1